Linkin Park “One More Light Live” Mix

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Wrong Creatures” Eng

Evanescence “Synthesis” Eng

Linkin Park “One More Light” ­Eng

Paul Gilbert “PG 30” ­Mix

P Diddy “MMM” ­Eng

Jumping Elephant Sample Library ­Producer / Mix / Eng

Vick Booz “Phil Spector”­ Producer/ Mix / Eng

Linkin Park“Living Things” Warner Bros. Eng / B Side Mix

Linkin Park “Burn it Down” Single Warner Bros B Side Mixes

Linkin Park “Live in Berlin” Warner Bros Mix

Linkin Park “A Thousand Suns” Warner Bros. Eng

Linkin Park “New Divide” Warner Bros. Eng / Co-Mix

Linkin Park “Songs From theUnderground” MachineShop Eng / Mix

Linkin Park “LPU #6” MachineShop Mix

Linkin Park “Minutes to Midnight” Warner Bros Eng

Linkin Park “Live in Madrid” Warner Bros Mix

Korn “Haze” Virgin Mix

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Stadium Arcadium” Bonus Tracks Warner Bros Eng / Mix

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Slane Castle” cd/dvd Warner Bros Prod / Mix

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Live in Hyde Park” Warner Bros Prod / Mix

Red Hot Chili Peppers “By the Way” Warner Bros Addt.Eng / Edit

Red Hot Chili Peppers “By the Way” B-Sides Warner Bros Mix

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Off the Map” Warner Bros Eng / Edit

Carrie Underwood “Praying for Time” 19 Entertainment Mix

Tupac “Until the End of Time” Interscope Eng / Mix

Black Eyed Peas “Bridging the Gap” Remixes Interscope Eng / Mix

The Doors “The End” Tricky RMX Warner Bros Eng / Mix

Ludacris ft. Nate Dog “Area Codes” Def Jam South Eng

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party “Hard Life Easy” Columbia Eng

Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha” Interscope Eng

Staind “Live in Houston” Atlantic Mix

American Idol iTunes Exclusives 2006-10. 19 Ent Mix

Redman “Red Gone Wild” Def Jam Eng

Redman “Streets of NY” sntrk Rockstar Eng

Jonathan Rice “Like a Crown” Warner Bros Eng / Mix

Int. Noise Conspiracy “Armed Love” American Eng / Edit

Burn Halo “Burn Halo” Warner Bros Eng / Mix

Simple Plan “Sound Check” WalMart Eng / Mix

Jadakiss “Kiss tha Game Goodbye” Ruff Ryders Eng

Dark New Day “Black Porch”EP Warner Bros Eng / Edit

Sting “Mulan” Soundtrack Disney Eng

Lionel Richie “Don’t U Ever Go Away” Universal Eng / Mix

Slipknot “Subliminal Verses” Roadrunner Addt.Eng / Edit

Bilal “First Born Second” Interscope Eng / Mix

John Frusciante “Shadows Collide..” RecordCollection Eng / Mix(2)

Baywood “Gotta Get You” Lemonade Stand Mix

Rude Buddha “Angels Will Rise” Opus Prod / Mix

M.E.R.L. Self-Titled Signalflow Prod / Eng/Mix

M.E.R.L. “Can You Hear Me?” Signalflow Prod / Eng / Mix

M.E.R.L. “Ex-Girlfriends+Piles of Coke” Prod / Eng / Mix

Cypress Hill “Live at the Fillmore” Sony Edit

Styles of Beyond “S.H.I.T.” Machine Shop Mix

Lady Tigra “Be Like Me” LT Prod / Mix

Mandy Moore “So Real” Epic Eng / Mix

Styles P “Gangster and a Gentleman” Interscope Eng

Good Charlotte “Sessions” WalMart Eng

The Wallflowers “Letters to the Wasteland” RMX Interscope Eng

Brooke Alison “Brooke Alison” Virgin Eng / Mix

John Stoddart “Wings to Walk This Road” Warner Bros Eng/Mix

Carly Hennessy “Ultimate High” MCA Eng

Jennifer Lopez “On the 6” Sony Edit

Anastacia “Not That Kind” Epic Eng / Edit

M-Path “Om Mani” RMX Triloka Prod / Mix

Krishna Das “Hara Hara” RMX Triloka Prod / Mix

Celine Dion “These are Special Times” Sony Edit

Keith Sweat “Didn’t See Me Comin” Elektra Eng / Edit

Marc Anthony “Marc Anthony” Columbia Edit

Tom Petty “The Last DJ” Interscope Edit

Jude “King of Yesterday” Maverick Eng

KSM “Read Between The Lines” Disney Eng

Stella Soleil “Dirty Little Secret” Universal Eng

Mars Volta “De-Loused in the Comatorium” GSL Edit

98 Degrees “Revelation” Universal Eng / Edit

Macaudy "Self-Titled" CaboMax Eng / Mix

Linkin Park "The Hunting Party" Eng

Linkin Park "The Hunting Party" Bonus dvd Mix

Steve Aoki "Live at The Shrine" Mix


Mos Def
Rick Rubin
Cee Lo
Gwen Stefani
Mary J Blige
Static Major
Ruff Ryders
Rob Thomas
The Lox
James Carmichael
Aimee Osbourne
Static Major
Scarlett Crush
Young Jeezy
Hot Karl
Jive Jones
Eve 6
Ric Wake
Frankie Perez
Union Underground
Desmond Child
3rd Strike
Danielle Brisbois
Perry Farrell


“Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing”
“Fantasy Factory”
“Teen Mom”
“16 and Pregnant”
“Challenge Day”
“Downtown Girls”
Uptown Girls”
“College Life”
“Livin’ Lahaina”
Vans Snowboarding ad campaign
“Maui Fever”
“X Effect”
“The Pickup Artist”
Windowseat “On Location”
Surfing DVD’s
“The Cho Show”
“Ultimate Parkour Challenge”
“If You Really Knew Me”
“MLS:The History of the Cup”
“T.O., Show” seasons 1-3
Vans Apparel
Spike TV

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